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For some of those who have been curious about me well, Thats me in the red jacket. Ah that day was very funny because they had threw the dog that is next to me in the water and me well i stood very far away from the pond we were at. Because my friend's family started throwing people in and I went away and Charlie aka the dog followed along. And with out me knowing my buddy took this picture of me, which in fact is a really good pose and side of me. Im one of those that despises photos but i love taking weird random pictures on my cell, maybe thats why i have no memory left, ah lol. But Im a crazy and loyal friend who will always be there for those I care for, I love making people laugh at my dorkiness/clumsiness. I like making new friends and meeting new people, although I might seem shy at first but after while you get to know me Im a handful, lol. But Im very great company to be around. I can be a happy go girl but I can and will be a bitch if Im pushed to it! It takes a long time to annoy me and I MEAN LONG TIME. I'll leave that to you to find out how long, but if Im tired I'll might get annoyed quick. Who knows? I love animals, I have a cat that I have named Heechull and yup he acts like him big time he sure loves pink alot. I can be short-tempured at times so be warned and I have a very wild and big crazy imagination. I love hearing people's opinion over my work so I know where to work at more. Yea I make trailers for a site and Im pretty darn good if I say so, Im just beginner good same with graphic/avi/poster making. But Im still brushing up myskills on there so I could be very awesome at it. Im going to my second year of college and I just getting my basics done, Im stll undecided on my career but hopefully it comes to me. Or I'll just work. And I love staying up late, lol Im doing that right now thats how Im wriing this, lol. Oh Im learning korean and hangul so wish me luck gees! Well I close for now but you wat to know about me ask, don't be afraid I don't bite . . . . .Im not a vampire. Yet!

Ah sorry if I mispelled remember gees I been awake for a day vision going blurry, lol.
Night- hitting the snooze B


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